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postheadericon Alternative Heating Solutions: Solar Heat Panels

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The sun is the prime provider of heat energy of our planet. Aside from controlling nighttime and daytime, the sun is also the mediator of temperature. The heating and cooling process of the sun controls the water cycle of the planet making a big impact on ecology. The heat the reaches the planet is just enough for life on earth to continue. During the night time and winter seasons, heat needed for human survival is absent. At these times, humans make use of alternative heat energy called fuels. The most common fuels are fossil fuels and wood. The abuse of these alternative heat sources contribute greatly to the increase in global temperature causing unwanted climate changes. The destruction caused by these alternative heating solutions prompted scientist to create a more ecological-friendly solution. One of the most promising of these ecological-friendly alternatives is the solar heat panels. The panels work by harnessing the sun's natural energy to provide heat to households during winter seasons.

The sun emits heat energy on a typical day. But the challenge now is to find means to make this energy useful. The energy that can be harness from the sun can be stored and use when appropriately needed. The solar heat panels have two unique aspects, and these are: heat generation and storage.

The collecting panels are flat, thin box-like planes, that are transparent in color. They are usually placed on the rooftops of houses or buildings facing the sun. The sun's heat energy is absorbed by the black metal plate that is inside the box. The plate then activates the sun's radiation to heat the liquid tubing matrix in the collector. The usual liquids used are water, air, and antifreeze chemicals.

The panels are made specifically to absorb the sun's heat radiation. The technology used in this device is the black absorber panels and heat tubing matrix with the special liquid material. These solar panels are able to heat up the fluids to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. That is close to boiling water. There are newer designs that are out in the market today. Some are offering new mixes of liquids that known to improve it's effectively.

The heat stored from the panels is necessary to provide warmth during winter and cold nights most especially in western states. It is important to know that the storage of heat is highly dependent on the insulation material that is being used. For water heating, the heat is store on water containers containing the water. In colder areas, a special liquid known as antifreeze is added to extend the lifespan of heat in the container. On a larger scale, companies who specialize on heating devices us boilers to effectively produce heat.

The use of fossil fuels has caused a damaging effect to the planet. The use of these chemicals posed serious consequences to the generations who will come after. Eco-friendly alternatives like the solar heat panels are the best solution to save the planet.

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Article Source: Alternative Heating Solutions: Solar Heat Panels

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