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postheadericon Maui the Complete Tropical Wedding and Honeymoon Destination

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If you love the fantasy of a beautiful wedding and tropical wreaths filled with crystal clear turquoise waters and soft white sand then look no further to Maui. Maui is the place where romance and love flourishes. This beautiful place is one of the world’s foremost honeymoon destinations. This island will create memories to last a lifetime. For more great wedding ideas and honeymoon destinations the site has some stunning ideas to help you plan your wedding or honeymoon.

If you need a destination place to relax during the honeymoon this island has a full array of spa services which are invigorating because of the sensual papering and rejuvenating wellness. Imagine a natural health setting with luxurious accommodations that will relax your mind, soul and of course your body.

The food

I can’t say enough about the food. Maui’s chiefs are some of the best known. The cuisine that is offered is an array of delectable delight. Imagine an Oceanside table for two or for your entire wedding party with outstanding food to enjoy.

Are you a nature lover?

This is a land of paradise. There are breath taking scenic coastlines and quaint small towns. Next enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and exotic bamboo forests. There is over 110 miles of beaches and shoreline to enjoy. You may want to test the snorkeling, surfing, whale watching, or scuba diving. It is just endless adventures that abound.

Local tradition

You may want to add Hawaiian music to your wedding ceremony. Perhaps have a hula dancer as part of the entertainment for your reception while your guests relax and enjoy the great food and atmosphere surrounding them by nature.

Wedding Expertise

There are quite a few wedding coordinators at the resorts on the island of Maui. There are independent planners to choose from also. You can be involved or uninvolved in the details of your individual nuptials. If you are looking to save money go the best-wedding dress guide for some great money saving tips.


On the island of Maui there are no health requirements, no waiting period, and no blood tests You will need a valid marriage license and you both must be at least 18 years old. You also need a picture ID if you are a United States citizen and foreigners will need a passport.


Why not get away from it all. The sister islands of Molokai and Lanai is just like having a private paradise just around the corner. Stop and think about having your wedding or honeymoon on the beautiful Island of Maui today. Let your most important celebration begin at Maui among dazzling beaches, sensuous spas, multiple gourmet restaurants,24 hour room an concierge services and much more. Waves of romance will wash over you as you bask in the splendor of the sun and sand, Here on the island of Maui the enchantments begins. The spell is made complete by the charm of the many elegant places to go with serene tropical vistas.

Article Source: Maui the Complete Tropical Wedding and Honeymoon Destination

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