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postheadericon Seven Great Tropical Wall Decors

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The interior wall of a room, house, or office is practically a blank canvas. By putting some artwork on it, you can add character to any place in the house. That artwork can be a beautiful design painted over a part or the entirety of the wall; a sculpture, a painting, a picture, or a mosaic hung over it; or even an artful display of light projected on the wall.

One of the best themes of wall décor art is a tropical theme. This theme goes very well with houses, condominium units, studio rooms, and apartments on the beachfront.

There are many decorative wall décor items on sale that gives a wall a beautiful tropical theme. Here are some of them that you can order through the Internet.

1. Palm Grove Wall Art Set

This is a two-piece wall panel set from the Palm Grove Collection. The resin set features Sago palm shaded with warm, tropical colors of palm green, sage, and bisque. The frame is bordered square shapes made of faux coconut shell. A set costs around $129.

2. Finches in Tropical Foliage Metal Wall Sculpture

This beautiful sculpture features three Gouldian finches top of foliage of tropical plants. The foliage includes papaya colored orchids and fruitwood for added dimension. The tropical wall decor, which costs around $94, is handcrafted and hand-painted by Joanne Ferrara.

3. Tropica Three-Piece Wall Art

This framed sculpture consists of three panels with stunning works of art. Lush tropical leaves are formed from welded metal with shades of greens, browns and tans. The frame is made of bronze with an antiquated tone. A whole set includes one large 31-by-19-inch frame, and two smaller 31-by-11-inch frames. A set costs $56.

4. Beach Room Faux Window

Even if your home is not in the tropics or is not located on a beachfront, you can still incorporate a tropical theme to it. The beach room faux window frame constitutes a tropical beachfront view through an open window. In other words, it is like looking through a tropical ocean through a window! The artwork is original and features a pretty color palette.

5. Sea Shapes

This simple but handsome décor features a nautilus shell. The border is silver in tone while the background features a calm sea green color. It is covered in tough clear acrylic which is shatterproof.

6. Three Dimensional Tropical Fish

For a really unique tropical wall décor, try this new Outer Edges home décor. The set, which consists of sculpted wooden fish, is hand painted and three dimensional. The colorful tropical fish can be installed on any wall very easily. When placed on wallpaper with a marine theme, it would look like fish swimming on your walls. This is indeed a very unique décor.

7. Isle Tropical Mural

This large mural can cover an entire wall. That means, every time you wake up facing the wall, you will face a peaceful lush seashore with tall palm trees, blue waters, verdant hills, and cotton clouds. It can act as a wallpaper.

Alyssa Davis is a prominent online author and the senior staff writer for Metal-Wall-Art - a distinctive wall art store specializing in metal tropical wall art and metal decor.

Article Source: Seven Great Tropical Wall Decors

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