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postheadericon Bali Videos Reveal New Ways To See This Tropical Island

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We did read the Bali guide books, seen all the web sites, have been to travel discussion forums and now it's time to watch some actual videos that say more than 5000 words.

Not all web pages about Bali are of promotional nature, there are certainly exceptions that stand above the fold and have personal commentary and recommendations. That would be called professional advice given by longtime professionals that value the wellbeing of their clients above all the short sighted quick sale. That's how travel relationships should be in the ideal case. But what about the reliability of what other people put up on the Internet as an information resource?

That is the current wave of user generated content in the form of 'actual experience' videos, created during vacations and then put online for the world to see. The good thing is that a great percentage of these are real life stories and totally unbiased. Done by real people filming their own island impressions, travel excursions and all the worthwhile moments they had here while visiting the dream island of Bali.

Now these videos are all collected and presented on a new site dedicated to videos about everything related to Bali as a destination. Now we can see the waves, watch the sunsets and meet some of the local folks in their daily walk of life.

It's not just memorable 'heart candy' for the people that already have been there, and probably get emotional while watching some of these videos. However that's also most interesting for people that plan to go there in the future and just want to see how all the different destinations on the island look like in real life. There is a search engine included so you can find related videos for all the great spots of Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Ubud and Kuta beach. Not to forget Legian beach and Seminyak, the true hotspots on the island.

Unbelievable good value to get some free peek previews of some of the up market Bali villas and resorts as well. And all that without leaving the comfy seat, just yet. Even for us 'Bali experts' we find something new here we didn't know exists, as many people made some great videos of some of the rare and unknown places of Bali. Of course some things may shock you, when watching the crowds on some beaches dancing like on any other party island of the Ibiza style. But that's not the real Bali as we all know, many other videos can clearly show you that.

Travel to Bali is much easier planned with some basic information where to go and where to stay. There are some huge differences in resorts and if you're a "Legian" type of person you might maybe not get happy staying anywhere in Nusa Dua, and vice versa. So here is where the true value of research based on actual video footage comes in most handy.

For all the Bali lovers out there it's of course an endless source of memories and fun to watch several thousands of Bali videos over and over again. Since it's free there are no restrictions. It makes sense however to know how to save these videos to your computer, so you can keep the ones you like for later reference or collection. Best to get all the new ones that people just made a moment ago as well, so it's a good idea to bookmark that web site and come back and check for frequent updates, whenever you are looking for some sunny inspiration. Great to have such a resource and a virtually endless supply of new videos full of sunshine and the 'smells of the ocean'. So all I can say is "See Bali Now - and watch all the free Bali Videos", even we here in Bali have endless fun watching these. We had no idea what some people are doing while they are here.....

Dave Waldheim is editor of the Bali hotels and Bali travel information website where you can find articles of local and expat writers that actually live there, view previews of some of the leading Bali hotels in every price category, and watch thousands of free Bali videos

Article Source: Bali Videos Reveal New Ways To See This Tropical Island

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