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postheadericon Online Success Secrets From a Tropical Fruit Farmer

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Growing organic tropical fruits and vegetables in Hawaii is the authors passion. He does tropical landscaping as well. He loves growing all the organic food and how it provides a healthy diet and helps the earth.

The thing he found about farming is: it's very labor intensive and when you stop planting and harvesting, the money stops. It's a wonderful hobby but
not a easy way to create any real wealth

Most types of labor intensive businesses including most jobs are what is known as linear income. As long as you keep working you are creating income, as soon as you stop so does your income.

There is another kind of income known as residual income. This income is different: You can continue to receive income long after the work is done and your income can even grow exponentially.

When searching for a home business there are some questions you need to ask. Lets take a look at what you should look for in any business opportunity before you jump in.

1. Is there a solid demand for what you are offering? 2. Is the Product proven in the marketplace?
3. Is it convenient and easy to use? 4. Are there marketing systems in place? 5. What Training is offered by your mentor? 6. Do you have to be a salesman to succeed? 7. Does the compensation plan reward your for teamwork?

These are not the only criteria by which to judge a business opportunity but they are some of the most important. Lets take a minute and see how my business compares to other home based business out there.

There is a lot of lies and hype out there. You need a total package that has everything you need all in one. You need people who close the sales for you. Most people are not sales people and have no desire to call strangers and spend hours on the phone. You need a system that anyone can follow.

You need a product that has a real value, not some money game with overpriced e-books or gifting program where there is no product at all. If people would buy the product without a income opportunity attached then you have a real winner.

The pay plan must pay a big commission upfront and have big commissions that come to you from the sales your affiliates make. It is amazing the amount of leverage this business gives you. Only 10 people dong two sales a week can bring you a million dollars a year. You need to find a total package that cuts through all the hype and lies and gives you the truth about how to succeed online .

Jeff Goodman is a Coach for Abundant Wealth. He lives in Hawaii by a waterfall. Find out how to create a six figure income with an automated online business where trained professionals close your sales for you. You earn $1000 per sale to infinity.

Article Source: Online Success Secrets From a Tropical Fruit Farmer

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