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postheadericon How To Set Up Your Very First Tropical Fish Tank

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Setting up your first tropical fish tank should be relatively easy. Hobbyists from all over the globe have been keeping aquariums like these for a number of reasons.

The foremost reason would have to be because of the fact that tropical fish are quite amazing. They come in almost any color, shape or dimension that you can imagine, and will prove to be both a beautiful and entertaining addition to any room.

The second most reason has got to be the inexpensive nature of getting started in acquiring freshwater life. Especially as compared to the inhabitants of other sorts of aquariums, like marine and brackish creatures.

Even the more exotic species of tropical fish are relatively less expensive than their other counterparts. And these freshwater species thrive better and longer with minimal care.

However, that does not mean that you can skimp on feeding and maintenance. And you also need to do your share of research as to what kinds of different freshwater plants and creatures can successfully co-habit in one tank.

Here are some tips on how you can set up your very first tropical fish tank.

1. Acquire the necessary "hardware" before buying any living thing. One of the most common mistakes that first time fish keeping hobbyists make is actually buying the fish first before setting up a running "environment."

If you really want living organisms to thrive, you would need to get the necessary tools like: a fish tank, preferably one with a cover to help keep the fish in and the dust or other pets out; an air pump; a de-chlorinator agent (ask the pet shop attendant which ones are best, and use only as instructed); fish tank decorations; a filtration system; heater and a thermometer; a lighting system; fish tank gravel (or any fish tank bedding you might prefer); and of course, the recommended volume of water.

The volume of water is largely dependent on the size of your aquarium. The number and even the size of living organisms you can place within a tank are also largely dependent on the volume of water within your aquarium.

2. You need to set up the aquarium first before you can actually put the fish in. Wash the fish tank first with warm water. Do not use detergents or any chemical cleaners as these might leave residues that can harm the freshwater life forms later.

Wash the gravel under running water until the water turns clear. Bedding or fish task gravel should be placed first, followed by the other "tank floor" decor you might want to have, like: driftwood, coral bases and even rocks.

You can also add in "toys" and other whimsical decor if you like. Make sure that you acquire these from the pet shop and inquire if these would be good for tropical fish tank setups. You also have to wash these first under running water before actually putting them into the tank.

3. Once you do have the gravel and the decor in, you now need to install the air pump, the filtration system, and the heating system. Again, the advice of your pet shop attendant will be invaluable here, especially when it comes to knowing the heat requirements of your tank per volume of water. Place the fish tank thermometer someplace where you can easily monitor it.

4. Once the hardware is in place, you can add water into the tank. You need to treat the water first before you actually put it into the tank. You can do so by placing tap water in a clean bucket and adding the recommended amount of de-chlorinating agent. Slowly pour the treated water into the tank so that the gravel is not disturbed too much. Rearrange the gravel if you have to.

5. Wait at least 2 days before you actually buy aquatic plants and fish to put in. This will give the hardware time to run, especially the filter, making the internal environment ready for whatever fish you might want to buy. Only then can you actually get the pets you want from the pet shop.

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