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If you love the outdoor lifestyle, then tropical style deck design can provide you with an additional living space during the months of pleasant weather. Whether your deck is raised or ground level, whether it has an ocean view or not, you can enjoy a tropical lifestyle on your tropical style deck.

When planning your outdoor deck, you want to ensure that the overall design enhances and blends into your residence and property pleasingly. Deck construction should include sturdy materials for long years of wear and tear and a weather proof finish should ensure longevity of the deck materials.

Once you have your deck in place, you can add the look and feel of the tropics. Add a bamboo or faux bamboo wet bar in one corner as a station for mixing drinks. If possible, choose a thatch roof design or add a palm frond roof to the wet bar to give it a touch of the small tropical beach shanties commonly seen in the islands and tropics. A couple of comfortable bar stools will provide seating in this area.

For the central seating area of the tropical deck, unless your deck is covered, you should choose an umbrella table so that you can enjoy the sun without being burned by the ultraviolet rays. These tables can be obtained as a set with comfortable cushioned chairs in tropical designs with all weather upholstered cushions. Add citronella candles to the table to discourage mosquitoes and other insects.

To obtain that lush tropical look, you will want to include several specimen size potted palms. Fishtail palms work really well for this application. Place the pots on plant dollies with casters so they can be rolled indoors during freezing weather.

Potted bird of paradise makes another great tropical deck addition. These plants are easy to grow in full sun to partial shade in any southern climate but should not be exposed to chilly weather. Protect the plants during the winter months and enjoy their exotic blooms again the next year.

Orchids are another plant that is perfect for an outdoor deck in humid climates. While orchids require a bit of special care unless you live in a semi tropical zone, they are worth the trouble to obtain the gorgeous blossoms which last and last. They can be mounted using pot hangers which attach to the wood posts of your deck or hung in a hanging orchid pot using an attractive macrame hanger.

Mandala vines grown in pots and allowed to entwine around posts or crawl up a wall add additional tropical lushness and color. These vines will not overwinter but will regrown the next year if the root stock is maintained in moderate temperatures during the winter.

You and your friends and family will love holding tropical theme parties on your outdoor tropical paradise. You will feel as if you added another room to the home at a very reasonable cost.

Ted Roberson owner of landscape living is a landscape and garden enthusiast who has years of experience working and creating outdoor living areas. Discover how you can improve and maintain your landscape and garden area with simple projects.

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