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postheadericon Koh Samui Is A Charming Tropical Island

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Situated in the Gulf of Thailand in the South China Sea, about 90 km east of Surat Thani and roughly 750 km south of the capital city, Bangkok. Occupying an area of about 250 square kilometers, Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand, after the Ko Chang and Phuket islands.

Koh Samui is actually an Amphoe or district of Surat Thani province, and has been categorized into seven sub districts or tambon, such as, Angthong, Bophut, Lipa Noi, Maenam, Maret, Namuang, and Taling Nam. Situated in the Gulf of Siam and surrounded by more than 50 islands, Koh Samui is also sometimes referred to as the Coconut Island because its harvest of more than two million coconuts every month.

The destination is truly a tropical retreat, with beautiful white sandy beaches, azure-blue sea, lush green forested hills, unique limestone and granite formations, and picturesque coves and bays, and above all, little traffic and presence of warm as well as amicable people. Hence, it is not a wonder why people from across the world, especially westerners, flock to this tranquil destination year-round.

Much of the glory of the island lies in its magnificent shoreline, bestowed with long curve of palm fringed white sandy beaches with turquoise waters. Most prominent among the beaches in the area is Chaweng Beach, which is one of the busiest in the area. A variety of beachside cafes, disco bars, and cocktail bars, can be seen here. Another popular beach in the area is Lamai Beach, which is packed with an array of restaurants as well as entertainment centers. It is less crowded when compared to Chaweng, and hence a stroll along this beach is truly soothing and comfortable.

For those seeking tranquility and peace, then Maenam Beach would be the best, which is an ideal venue for backpackers as well as well-heeled. This beach area is home to some of the best deluxe resorts and hotels in the region. A great place to chill out, Bophut is also a great beach in the area, which is a home to a serene fishermen's village filled with relaxed eateries, trendy boutiques, and ancient wooden homes

Other popular beaches in the area are Big Buddha Beach, Choeng Mon Beach, and Lipa Noi Beach. Each of the beaches in the area provides opportunities to enjoy an array of activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, and sea canoeing.

Aside beaches as well as its activities, things to see and do in Koh Samui are truly limitless. In other words, Koh Samui has something for everyone. For nature lovers, nothing would be better than a visit to Na Tian Butterfly Garden, where you can see a large array of different species of vividly colored lepidopterans. Also, found here are a bee house and an insect museum with some rare species of insects.

Likewise, for animal lovers, some best options are available in the form of Crocodile Farm, where you can see crocodile species like Caimans and saltwater crocodiles; Samui Aquarium and Zoo, featuring scores of fish varieties as well as specialties like Asian tigers, sea hawks, and parrots; and Snake Farm, which is home to some rare as well as most poisonous snakes in Asia.

If you are interested in sightseeing, then Koh Samui provides a multitude of refreshing attractions. Just few among them are Big Buddha, the most renowned landmark in the island and whose centerpiece is a 12 meters high golden image of Lord Buddha in sitting posture that can be seen from several miles away.

Hin Ta Hin Yai, stunning rocks which are also known as Grandfather and Grandmother rocks and are believed to be the origin of the Mui race; Magic Statue Garden, an incredible garden located deep in the forest and which can be reached by journeying through steep cliffs and forested rivers and hills; and Overlap Stone, which is quite challenging to reach this impressive boulders.

Not to miss attractions in Koh Samui also include temples in the area such as Hainan Temple, Hin Lad Waterfall Temple, Laem Sor Pagoda, and Pagoda Khao Chedi. In addition, things to see in Koh Samui also cover Buffalo fighting, Monkey Show, and traditional Thai Boxing.

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