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postheadericon Tips For Enjoying An Amazing Tropical Honeymoon

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Going on a honeymoon is obviously a momentous occasion. It is something that you want to remember for the rest of you life - in a positive way! However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a small fortune on it, especially after the money you are shelling out for your wedding.

Not that you should necessarily go very cheap on your honeymoon either, but there are ways to have a great time and save some money along the way. Plus there are some important tips you should take into consideration no matter what kind of honeymoon you are taking. In fact, many couples don't look at enjoying a great honeymoon and saving money as two "either-or" contradictory choices. The enjoyment of saving money itself can certainly be part of the fun.

First, it is unadvisable to leave for your honeymoon destination on the night of your wedding. A more relaxing option is to stay at a hotel local to the wedding and leave for your honeymoon destination the following afternoon. That way you aren’t so tired and worn out that you get cranky, especially with your new spouse.

Additionally, avoid the temptation to book too much activity while you are on your exquisite honeymoon. Sure, it might be wonderful to see everything the islands have to offer, but chances are you may simply prefer to spend more time around the beach - or whatever is the key destination attraction - and relax for the bulk of your trip. Emphasize time together more than squeezing in activities.

When you prepare for your honeymoon, besides the essentials of clothes and toiletries, bring your camera and extra batteries. You certainly want to capture as many pictures as possible on your first days together as husband and wife. Be sure to take dozens of pictures of one another, even if it means asking a few complete strangers to each snap a shot or two for you.

Also, consider bringing along a disposable underwater camera as well so that you can bring it when you try snorkeling or just swimming. If you go to the tropics, water sports are fantastic there, so take full advantage of them. Perhaps you should attempt something you have never done before, such as parasailing or water skiing.

Now, when it comes to saving money, as a honeymooner it is fairly easy to do. Try to book a honeymoon package which gives you a lot of extras but for a reasonable cost. There are plenty of hotels that cater to honeymooners, and they usually have some of the best destinations and deals available. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra perks when you arrive as well; the worst they can say is no.

That brings us to another important tip. Even if you are not already screaming it from the rooftops that you are newlyweds, it is fun and beneficial to mention it wherever you go. You will be surprised at how many free goodies you are offered, such as dinner, drinks, and other special perks.

Honeymooning in the tropics is a way to enjoy romance, excitement, and fun. There is simply nothing like it. So if you are planning to honeymoon on an island somewhere, enjoy it and let the island life win you over.

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