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postheadericon Florida Gets Massive Water Damage From Tropical Storm Fay

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As this article is being written, tropical storm Fay is bashing the state of Florida. So far she has not reached a hurricane status as was expected, but she is wreaking havoc none the less. Tropical storms might not have the horrendous reputation that their hurricane counterparts do, but they are definitely nothing that should be ignored either. Tropical storms are perfectly capable of causing a whole lot of damage and destruction all on their own.

For Florida residents, it has probably been a relief to know that Fay did not reach the status of a hurricane, but they also know that the aftermath of even a tropical storm can be hazardous to endure, clean up after, and recover from. There is nothing trivial about the flooding that they can cause or the tornadoes that can be spawned. The extremely high winds of hurricanes can cause wide spread damage, but tornadoes can pick their limited path and go for miles causing destruction anywhere they touch down.

Then there is also the rain from the tropical storm to contend with. These storms can linger for several days sometimes when they are moving at a slow pace and this means they can drop many inches of rainfall in the area. This will cause small creeks and streams to overflow and flood nearby neighborhoods and homes. Even business districts are not safe from the flash flooding that torrential steady rain can cause. Streets can become impassable and have several feet or more of water standing on them and make traveling impossible.

Rescue workers may still have to be called in to help get people out of homes that were suddenly over taken by flash flooding or were affected by a tornado. Sometimes people have adequate warning that flash flooding is possible and have time to evacuate, but sometimes it happens so suddenly, there is no time for preparation or evacuation.

Whenever there are tornadoes or flash flooding, there will be plenty of water and wind damage to homes, businesses, trees, roadways, and power lines. Cleaning up and getting things back in order takes the same kind of dedication and commitment as it does when there has been a hurricane. The overall damage could be less extensive, but tell that to the ones who sustained the damage that was done to them. It will be an event to be remembered in any case. Any time Mother Nature wants to show her fangs, it is likely there will be plenty of people and property that will be wounded and have the scars left to show it.

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Article Source: Florida Gets Massive Water Damage From Tropical Storm Fay

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