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postheadericon Be Cautious of These Mistakes When Feeding Tropical Fish

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Of all the mistakes that you can make with these beautiful pets, you would think that feeding tropical fish would be one of the things you get right! After all how hard can it possibly be to sprinkle some fish food at the top of your tank and watch the little guys go for it?

In reality there are many mistakes you can make when it comes to feeding tropical fish, and some of these mistakes really aren't that serious whereas others can actually affect the health and well-being of your fish overall. Let's take a look at some of these mistakes and then also talk about the right things you should do when feeding tropical fish.

The most common mistake that many pet owners make when it comes to feeding tropical fish is feeding them too much. Usually they see their fish swim up to the top of the tank when it's feeding time and assume that the little guys are hungry; they may then interpret this to mean that they should be feeding them more often so they won't need to go hungry like that. In reality when you're feeding tropical fish on a regular schedule they will just get accustomed to this schedule and will head for the top of the tank when it's time for food, whether they're hungry or not. We humans do the same thing sometimes - we get the munchies at night when watching television only because we're bored or because we get used to eating popcorn during our favorite show, and not because we're actually physically hungry. So don't let the behavior of the fish influence your schedule when it comes to feeding tropical fish; usually twice per day is enough and in some cases even more then enough, as in their natural habitat it's not unusual for them to actually miss a day or even two of food and be perfectly fine.

It's also good when feeding tropical fish to occasionally give them a special treat. Fish love live feed and things like blood worms or brine shrimp are considered delicacies to them. You never want to have these special treats to act as their main food but an occasional treat can make your fish feel happy and calm, the same way it does for humans. You don't need to actually touch live bait when feeding tropical fish these special treats as most are available frozen or freeze dried, making them last longer and more convenient for you. If you have fish that you're trying to breed, you can give them a special treat as well since this can make them more calm and ready to mate.

So consider these points when feeding tropical fish; don't overfeed them but don't deny them their special treats either. Flake fish food is good enough for most breeds, and you can even involve your children in their care by letting them sprinkle in the food when it's time!

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Article Source: Be Cautious of These Mistakes When Feeding Tropical Fish

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