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postheadericon Phuket Is An Idyllic Tropical Paradise

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Phuket is an exotic and beautiful island situated in the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean. As the largest island situated about 850km. south of Bangkok, it is an exceptional destination with everything to offer every type of tourist.

With white sandy beaches, palm trees, magnificent and secluded coves and bays, Phuket has several incredible beaches along its coastline which cater for the most avid water sports enthusiasts. Each beach that you visit has its own individual charm and natural beauty and the list of water sports that you can participate in, is endless.

You can go sailing, canoeing, water skiing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, para sailing, boating, jet skiing or just swim in the warm, calm, crystal clear waters around this incredible island. You can play golf on some of the finest golf courses amidst wonderful scenery, go horse riding, ride elephants or simply visit the beautiful temples and shrines that are steeped in tradition and history. For those who want to be learn about the tradition of martial arts or the relaxing art of yoga, can do so in specialist centres that teach these ancient traditions.

At night, the stunning views of mountains and the gentle sound of water lapping on to beaches can be enjoyed whilst watching the most beautiful tropical sunset. There is so much to do and see that no-one wants to rush this holiday of a lifetime and the island accommodation caters for every taste. For the casual back -packer there are smaller budget conscious hotels whilst those who want to spend that little bit more can choose from a variety of hotels that offer the latest in comfort and style.

Phuket also offers luxurious and stylish villas where you can be assured of total privacy and exclusivity. For large groups who want to participate in the activities that Phuket has to offer, this cost effective accommodation is ideal. The bustling, invigorating nightlife in Phuket is second to none, with many nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The Thai cuisine is world renowned and will suit every palate.

Old Phuket town, which is believed to have been founded in the 1st century BC, must be on the list of places to visit. For those who wish to get a feel for the culture, tradition and history, there are a vast array of museums and colonial mansions. The national parks offer an intoxicating variety of fauna, flora, butterflies, insects and fish. Many of the beaches boast beautiful and romantic names and each one will have something different to offer. By renting a jeep or motor cycle you can be sure to see everything that this wonderful island has to offer. provides accommodation options in various locations around Thailand and features some of the most beautiful villas available. Book your vacation today at

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