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Tropical fish can make great pets and be a fun hobby for the fish enthusiast. When setting up your first tropical fish tank, it is wise to begin with a freshwater tank and a few inexpensive and low maintenance varieties of fish. If you want to expand your hobby however, you can try your hand at some more exotic types of tropical fish and even move on to a saltwater aquarium.

Keep in mind that these fish will be a more expensive investment and the saltwater aquarium will be a little more complex to set up and maintain. The results of your research and work will be some beautiful fish to gaze at in a habitat that is designed to help them flourish. If you do not feel ready for the big league and the saltwater tank, you can select some more exotic varieties of tropical fish for you freshwater tank.

Exotic Tropical Fish for the Freshwater Tank

Once you have moved on from the platies, mollies and swordtails, you are ready for the deeper waters of the more expensive and exotic tropical fish. Some examples of species are the silver dollars, tin foil barbs and the beautiful Australian rainbow fish. While these fish will run a little higher in price, they can add beauty and color to your freshwater tank that will make them worth every penny.

If you decide to add some of these more exotic tropical fish to your mix, make sure that you carefully research each species to ensure that your tank will be the proper habitat, and your new fish will be compatible with your current fish. If you begin to investigate the various species of exotic tropical fish, upgrade to a larger tank rather than overcrowding your current one. A crowded aquarium does not lead to happy or healthy fish of any variety.

Exotic Tropical Fish for the Saltwater Tank

Just like setting up your freshwater aquarium, a saltwater tank will take plenty of research to set up properly. While you are heavy into your reading, look into what types of exotic tropical fish you would like to add to your saltwater tank, and educate yourself carefully on the specific care of each type.

While the steps in a saltwater tank are similar to that of freshwater aquariums, keep in mind that the costs will be much higher for both equipment and the exotic tropical fish that you choose. The rewards will be a beautiful tank full of colorful fish that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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