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postheadericon Tropical Fishing Fun In Mexico

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The mere mention of the words, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is usually enough to bring thoughts of sitting on the white sand beach underneath palm trees swaying in the breeze by the warm, crystal clear blue water as you sip on a cool tropical beverage. If this sounds like exactly what you need on your next vacation, head to this tropical oasis for the perfect way to relax and revitalize.

While you're there, don't forget to take part in one of the area's most prized activities -- fishing. The cold current of the Pacific merges with the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez here to create one of the best deep sea fishing areas in the world. A Cabo fishing trip with one of the local tour companies can provide you with the adventure of a lifetime, thanks to their high performance boats, knowledgeable guides, and tournament quality gear. This area provides great catches, including mahi-mahi, shark, bonito, tuna, sailfish, jack crevalle, grouper, and the ultimate deep sea catch, striped marlin. Whether you prefer deep sea fishing like this or would rather go light tackle fishing or fly fishing, you'll find all the makings of a successful trip.

Deep Sea Fishing

Even if you've never fished before, you will have a thrilling experience casting in your lure, feeling that tug, and waging a battle against some of nature's mightiest fish on a Cabo fishing trip. Anglers who are age 13 and over must have a fishing license to fish here and you'll need some heavy duty fishing line, at least 50-80# weight. Experts recommend the heavy line so you are sure your catches don't get away because of a broken line.

This part of the Baja Peninsula offers ideal weather for all types of fishing, regardless of season. It's always warm, sunny, and mild here. The variety of fishing tours available ensures that there's a trip for every budget and skill level. You can head out on a 70' luxury cruiser or get out quickly to the best spots on a zippy 24' sport boat. Tours here most always include snacks, beverages, professional gear, and knowledgeable guides with years of experience fishing the area. Whether you prefer a popular spot or a more secluded experience, one of the many professional guides will make sure you find the fishing hole where you will find abundant sea life along with the opportunity to socialize with other anglers, vacationers, and locals.

Light Tackle Fishing

While deep sea angling requires heavy duty equipment, light tackle fishing can offer you lighter, easier to use professional equipment and plenty of fish so you can catch and release or mount your catch to take home and amaze your friends. Tour guides will usually make sure your equipment is ready and that your Cabo fishing location is ideal for the catch you want. You'll feel like you're in paradise as you cast your lure into the crystal clear water against a backdrop of a warm, white sand beach and clear, blue skies.

Fly Fishing

Requiring rhythm and style, fly fishing is definitely an art form. Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the area, you can charter a boat for a fishing tour with guides who are knowledgeable and experienced in fly fishing. This kind of angling will attract jack crevalle, cubera snapper, cerro mackerel, and rooster fish. As you enjoy this fun and challenging sport, you'll get a great tan and will come home with a renewed outlook and a refreshed mind. The fish stories you'll be able to share from one of these tours will provide you with many years of memories.

If you're headed to this area for vacation, take a Cabo fishing trip so you get the most from this destination. The beauty and incredible fish available here make for an amazing adventure.

Christine O'Kelly writes for the experts at Cabo Fishing Fleet. They offer a Cabo fishing charter sure to provide you with a memorable fishing adventure.

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