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postheadericon Important Preparations Before Buying Tropical Fish

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When you think about becoming a fish owner, the first care is the fish species and other fish ornaments.

But before jumping and buying the fish and putting them into the tank, you must know that the tank needs to undergo a cycle before fish are added. It is called the nitrogen cycle. This cycle takes time between one day and four weeks.

Some bacteria help the breakdown of ammonia to nitrates. These bacteria are formed by existing fish. If there are no fish or fish food, there are no sources for good bacteria also.

The nitrogen cycle can be described like this: the fish eat the food and they generate the waste. All the waste, including dead plant and other debris transform into ammonia in the tank water. This ammonia is toxic for the fish and it has to be broken down. Here is where the nitrifying bacteria plays a role. The bacteria is important because turns the ammonia into nitrites which are tolerated by fish. After the process is done, another type of good nitrifying bacteria turns the nitrites into nitrates, less toxic to the fish and other aquarium life.

These nitrates get collected by the filters and regular water changes will remove all the waste and nitrates.

So, in conclusion, before getting the fish into the water set up the aquarium. Wash the tank with cleaners proper for fish tanks. Don't use regular cleaners or soap. De-chlorinate the water and fill the tank with it. Attach the filters and the lightning system. Allow the tank to cycle the water until the pH level is the one you need and the water temperature is proper.

Only after that, buy the fish. Buy some resistant fish species like barb, danios, gouramis, and live bearers. They resist to all the new changes and the inevitable mistakes a new fish owner does. But before you poor the fish into the tank, put the plastic bag in the tank water and hold it there for about a quarter of an hour till the fish get used to the water temperature of the tank. In this way, they will not suffer a shock when they hit water. Take the fish from the plastic bag and put them in the tank or can change the pH level of the tank water.

After this, you will want to feed the fish. Wait a little. Give them time to get accustomed with the new house and after a couple of hours try feeding them.

Drop a small amount of fish food. Usually, drop an amount that can be eaten in the first two or five minutes. Don't over feed the fish because you will not do them any good. The food excess will drop on the bottom and become debris. The debris can help the development of bacteria and that can affect the fish's health.

In the first month, test the pH level every day and adjust it when necessary. If the water is not clear enough add a clarifier. If the water turns green, you have put too much light. Also monitor the fish for illness and stress. Watch to see if there are lethargic movements in the fish.

After one week, change 10% of the water in the tank and a week after that begin the regular maintenance.

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Article Source: Important Preparations Before Buying Tropical Fish

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