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postheadericon Solar Power Information - How Do Solar Power Systems Work?

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Solar power systems are becoming very popular in recent years. It has been growing steadily due to peoples' desire to generate a clean alternative to traditional sources of energy. This popularity is accompanied by availability of clear solar power information guides.

By definition solar power systems use the sunlight to generate electricity. These systems are considered a source of clean energy. No fuel is burned to generate the electricity which means no combustion and thus clean environment. In addition to that the electricity generated is considered almost free.

There are three main components in solar power systems: the solar panels, batteries, and a converter.

The solar panels consist of two silicon layers, one is a positive layer and the second is a negative layer. These two layers are placed behind a glass which offers a protection against any damage thus prolonging the life of the cells.

When sun rays come in contact with these layers the photons,present in the sun rays, cause electron discharge. This electron discharge is trapped by a magnetic field and this is what causes the electric power.

The size of the solar panels depends on the amount of electricity that is needed and on the amount of sun that the panels are exposed to.

If a lot of electric appliances are planned to be operated through the solar power system then large panels should be installed.

The other factor that determines the size of the panels is the total amount of sun exposure. If you are residing in a place that is sunny then your solar panels can be relatively small. However, places that do not see the sun more often have to be compensated with larger panels.

At this stage the solar power system generate electricity in DC current. This current is stored in the batteries but cannot yet be used to operate electric appliances. The more batteries you install in the system the more electricity you can store. A good solar power information guide will tell you the size and number of batteries to use in your solar power system.

The electricity that has been generated cannot be used to operate electric appliances. The electricity has to be transformed for DC to AC to be useful. This is done by the converter.

The converter is the third main part of the solar power system. The mission of the converter has been accomplished at this stage. Now you can enjoy clean and free electricity.

Owning a solar power system is now affordable and easy. In fact there are a lot of solar power information guides that are available in the market that offer a step by step guide to install your own solar power system. Getting information about how these systems operate yields an optimum solution.

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Article Source: Solar Power Information - How Do Solar Power Systems Work?

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