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postheadericon Choosing Exotic Settings To Begin A New Life Together

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Think of a wedding and the first image to cross your mind would probably be one of a blushing bride rushing out of a church hand in hand with the groom through showers of confetti. Christian weddings or white weddings, as they are sometimes referred to, have always been associated with churches. Earlier, choosing a location was the least of the worries while planning a wedding. These days however, a couple may spend days and months looking up brochures and websites to find just that right place to tie the knot. Beaches, castles, cruise liners, mountain resorts and various other exotic locations are gradually replacing the hallowed walls of a sacred church as preferred venues for a wedding. 'Destination weddings' is the new byword in wedding circles.

A destination wedding is one where the couples travel along with relatives and guests to new locations to get married. Some of the more popular destinations are Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Cayman Islands, Caribbean Islands and Seychelles. The entire concept of a destination wedding may seem extremely exotic, adventurous and romantic. Some couples see it as a good way of combining a wedding and a honeymoon. But it is definitely not recommended for those who are planning a wedding on a budget. After all flying out the entire wedding party and accommodating all the guests till the festivities are complete can be an extremely expensive proposition. But that should not deter one from finding beautiful locations closer to home and making the best of available resources to make the day a memorable one for everyone. Local country clubs, boats, museums and castles are good alternatives as well.

Destination weddings do take a lot more effort and planning than local ones and scope for last minute arrangements is extremely limited unless you have good resources at the location to help you out. Invitations may need to be sent out sufficiently early to enable guests to make travel plans. Air tickets and hotels need to be booked well in advance and it is strongly recommended that you have your final guest list two or three months before the actual wedding date so you can plan everything well. Some established airlines have special wedding desks and offer group booking services. When planning a wedding in a foreign country it is important to know a few things about local laws and taxes to avoid unpleasant situations from marring your dream day.

Of course wedding planners and event coordinators are good options if you do not want to do all the thinking and planning. They do come at a price, so as long as you have the budget for them, go right ahead. Appointing a wedding planner at the location is a good idea as they will be aware of local requirements and can suggest arrangements that suit the location. This is especially useful where weather conditions are concerned. You would not want to organize a romantic beach wedding and land up in a storm which could blow away all your elaborate wedding day plans.

From the most bizarre to the most beautiful there are endless possibilities for couples to choose from, to exchange vows with a difference and start a whole new journey in life together.

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