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There are many ways to spice up your interior space with Asian flair. The range of interior-design looks is huge. The massive continent of Asia includes the oriental countries of China and Japan as well as countries such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Malaysia. You are sure to find an inspiring variety of Asian style to suit your taste.

Within the Asian decorating style there are several sub-groups to choose from. The Japanese look is calm and zen-like. Chinese and Indian styles tend to be bright and colorful. A general Asian theme works well too and provides a perfect way for the traveller to display collected souvenirs or knick-knacks from various countries. The look of a specific country, or the general Asian stlye--the choice is up to you.

You can make the Asian style fit your own personality and create your own unique look. Asian decorating is flexible and relaxed so you can let your interests and preferences shine through.

A pale, neutral color scheme for walls makes a very good base for any Asian style. The neutral background allows you to personalize the space and accessorize freely. You may choose to paint an accent wall in a stronger color which will really make a statement in your room. Choose hot, spicy colors for an Indian design style such as reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. A smart Chinese oriental room looks fantastic in red and black. The warm-toned neutrals and greens look very calming for a Japanese-style interior.

Fabrics are a very important aspect of decorating and the Asian style brings many sumptuous, patterned possibilities. You can mix and match styles of fabric but may want to tie them together with similar colors.

Fabrics can be used as cushions, throws, curtains, drapes, and wall-hangings. Consider using Indian saris to make beautiful curtains. Watch for these along with Asian accessories as you shop for decorative items to use in your room design.

If you are able to travel to Asia, some of the best accessories will be the souvenirs you pick up along the way. If you aren't that fortunate as yet, never fear! There are plenty of import stores where you can find beautiful reproductions and Asian-inspired accessories at low cost. Check out charity shops, tag sales, flea markets and online auction sites for pre-owned Asian treasures at bargain prices.

This is a great design choice that will suit any style of home. It is relaxed and flexible so you can create your own look. Have fun as you search out your own exotic, Asian treasures and make your home an inviting place with the unique Asian decorating style.

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