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postheadericon Exotic Cars: Luxury Exotic Sports Cars, Classic and Super Cars

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Exotic cars of all kinds have been a love of luxury for decades. Exotic cars like Lamborghini, Mercedes, Koenigsegg, and Ferrari are prized vehicles that have automobile enthusiasts scrambling to own them. Enthusiasts buy them, sell them, and collect them to showcase and show off. Although there are many exotic cars around today, there are a few that continuously make the top of the best lists.

First up is the Lamborghini Murcielago. Although the design somewhat resembles the Diablo, the concept of this exotic car is a much smoother design. The lines seem cleaner, and there are no sharp angles or sloppy surfaces on this car. The cockpit is dynamically just as smooth, with striking luxury to boot. The engine bay of this exotic car hosts a 6.2 liter V12 engine that is capable of thrusting out 580hp. The drive system is of course four wheel drive, and the six speed transmission run together for supreme sophistication. The system that hosts the power for the wheel setup is a state of the art electronic traction control system.

The next exotic car that is found on a lot of top lists is the Koenigsegg CCR. This 2 door roadster held the world record for speed for a production car for a time, and is designed and manufactured in Sweden. The exotic car made its jaw dropping debut at the 2004 Geneva Auto Show. The engine of this car is a 4.7L Ford Modular V8, and holds a 6 speed manual transmission. The power output tops out at 806 hp, and this exotic car was the first production vehicle to sport a horsepower gauge.

An exotic car that is a favorite among luxury collectors is the Bugatti Veyron. This luxurious mid engine sports car is a 2 door sports coup, and is powered by a 16WP engine, capable of a whopping 987 hp. Thanks to its supreme engine, this exotic car can reach a speed of 253.81 mph, and is assembled by hand in France. The announcement of the coming of the Bugatti Veyron came at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show. The exotic car was promised to be the fastest, most powerful, and the most expensive car in history. With the W16 engine, complete with four turbochargers, the Veyron delivered; top speed was promised at 253 mph and the price in the United States for the car, without taxes or other charges, runs at about $1,400,000.

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Article Source: Exotic Cars: Luxury Exotic Sports Cars, Classic and Super Cars

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