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Sensual exotic lingerie and erotic lingerie are a wonderful way to make you feel gorgeous, desirable and positively sexy. Whether you want to ignite the imagination of your beloved, or simply give yourself a boost of self confidence, you'll find that there is nothing else like it!

From gorgeous sheer bras in lace and silk with matching sheer bikini panties to filmy sheer camisoles and the demure little satin chemise, you'll find undergarments and fine lingerie that will suit you no matter what your tastes are.

Make sure that you consider what sort of intimate apparel best suits you, and what kind of look you want. From sweet and sexy to ultra sensual, there are lots of choices out there, so make sure that you get the effect that you are looking for.

The first thing that you should consider when you are looking for erotic lingerie is what really suits you. Are you after something that is wonderfully slumberous and tells your audience how comfortable you are with your body? If that's the case, consider a spaghetti strap sheer camisole in rich jewel tones. Silk, satin and baby fine mesh are soft sleek fabrics that are great choices. And, a little lace trim can emphasize the delightfully feminine appeal of the undergarment.

On the other hand, if you are after some erotic lingerie that shows off your body and really gives them something to look at, consider what a sheer bra can do for you. Sexy sheer bras give you great cleavage and they come in all sorts of colors that can be matched to wonderfully cut sheer panties like bikinis, thongs g strings, and a multitude of different panty styles.

If you ever feel a little nervous about your waist or you have always wanted a lovely hourglass figure, consider what an open bustier, sheer bustier or a silk corset can do for you. These elegant undergarments, hailing to the Victorian era, are perfect for nipping in your waist and pushing your breasts up. This is a great way to get that lovely sexy figure and many people love the feel of being laced in.

When you are shopping for exotic lingerie and romantic intimate apparel, one of the most important things to consider is which color you want. The color can surprise both the wearer and the audience when it comes to the message that you want to.

For instance, when you put on a fire engine red lace open bra and g string panties, you're saying that you know you're sexy and that your loved one should know it as well. Pretty in a soft pink sheer chemise or sheer nightgown and lace bikini panty may have you looking a little more demure and shy. Seafoam greens and azure blues are terrifically cool and mysterious erotic lingerie colors. When you are after something very soothing and soft, consider soft rich browns or a smoky silver.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to sexy exotic lingerie, and you'll probably find that the variety of choices can be a little bit overwhelming. Take your time and try on several different styles to find the sexy lingerie that is perfect for you. You will love that you did and so will your significant other.

Carmen Petitclerc lives in beautiful Toronto Canada, and is a lingerie designer and enthusiast! A complete lingerie and intimate apparel guide including tips and advice for beginners to experts is featured on her website. Love the lingerie you're in! Visit Love of Lingerie

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