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postheadericon Bring In Chinese New Year With Exotic Charm Bracelets

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Many countries and communities around the world celebrate Chinese New Year. This holiday is not like western New Years that falls on the same day each year, rather it moves depending on the Chinese lunar calendar. In general Chinese New Year occurs somewhere between the middle of January and the middle of February, but there are lots of other celebrations involved in the event. Charm bracelets and charms that feature traditional Chinese New Year items are a great way to celebrate the season and a great gift to give.

Often gold is considered the color of prosperity and luck in Chinese tradition so gold charm bracelets are a wonderful match. There are actually 15 different days and events in the Chinese New Year, so adding one charm for each day onto charm bracelets is a great way to start out the year. The last day of the event is the Lantern Festival and charms of lanterns are great additions to charm bracelets to celebrate this day.

Since the Chinese years are given the symbol of an animal, these twelve animals can be added to charm bracelets for a unique look. The animals of the Chinese years include the dragon, horse, snake, sheep, monkey, rat, dog, pig, rooster, tiger, ox and the rabbit. These can look wonderful in either silver or gold on a matching colored charm bracelet.

Engraving the year the person was born on a silver disk charm is a wonderful addition to charm bracelets of silver. You may want to look for the animal symbol on the front of the disk, or even the Chinese character for that animal. Birthdays can also be placed on these types of disk charms.

Very traditional in China is the exchange of red envelopes filled with cash to friends and relatives that are less fortunate at the New Years celebration. Red envelope charms look striking on gold charm bracelets and add the symbolism of good fortune and prosperity throughout the year.

With gemmed and enameled charms it is also possible to wear a symbol of the fireworks displays that occur to celebrate this special day. Charm bracelets can feature brightly colored gold or silver charms of fireworks as a reminder of a wonderful evening out.

Sunflowers are traditionally used as symbols of a good future and chrysanthemums for a long and healthy life. Adding these to charm bracelets is both traditional and beautiful, plus they are colorful and bright.

Everyone loves to have personal messages on disk style charms or lockets on charm bracelets. Adding your own messages of good wishes for the New Year or using traditional Chinese characters to spell out Chinese New Year wishes will be a cultural symbol on any charm bracelets to be worn to celebrate the festivities.

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