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postheadericon An Exotic Romantic Honeymoon Spot In Goa

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Romantic honeymoon packages to Goa have become popular recently, but many are disappointed by the beach resort they choose. Why not look at a place like Majorda, but don’t look at a Majorda beach resort, instead look at the Vivenda dos Palhacos, and you won’t be disappointed.

The Vivenda dos Palhacos is hidden away down a coconut fringed cul de sac in the village of Majorda where life is very peaceful and tranquil, not at all like the hustle and bustle of some of the beaches of Goa. It is a gem of a boutique hotel, set in a restored century old Portugese mansion, and is just a kilometre from the beach, but a world away.

The hotel, and that isn’t really the best words to describe the Vivenda dos Palhacos, staying with friends in their private home would be much better, consists of two buildings are six double bedrooms.

If you can, then book the Konnagar Suite which is huge and has a verandah where you can sit for hours watching village life pass you by.

If you happen to have brought your children, although for an exotic and romantic honeymoon in this laid back part of the world, possibly children would find it less than to their taste. Anyway if there are children the small twin bedded Ballygunge would suit well, or the Chummery a self contained cottage for the whole family.

Some of the highlights of Vivenda dos Palhacos are the fixtures and fittings which are all in keeping with the history of the place.

You will love the food, and the surroundings. You eat either round a big table either set in the dining room or the garden, and the fact that it is real family style, with great hosts means great conversations, and friendships made. It would be fair to say that if your idea of a romantic exotic honeymoon is being on your own, then perhaps this wouldn’t be for you. Mind you there are at least three very good restaurants in the main street of the village only a few minutes away.

Breakfasts are outstanding because it is served when you want it, early or late, nothing seems to be too much trouble, and that is the way it is all the time. You can eat alfresco lunches by the twelve metre pool, have picnics for the beach, and of course all the beach shacks where you can eat good food for very little

The beach is about a fifteen minute walk, and that is also part of the charm of Vivenda dos Palhacos, because you get the chance to see village life. After the sterile atmosphere of a large hotel it is so much more exotic, and adds to the romantic honeymoon getaway feel to be surrounded by the sights and sounds of Goa. Every day you hear the dogs bark, the cocks crow, bells ringing, neighbours talking in unfamiliar tongues, and trains passing in the night. It isn’t just the sounds and the sights it is also the smell of wood burning, incense, food cooking, that confirms Goa is exotic and wonderful when you get away from the twenty first century, and the tourist hordes.

There is a great choice of activities from the flea market at Anjuna, to fishing, boat expeditions, bicycling, riding elephants to name but a few.

Vivenda dos Palhacos is a great boutique hotel, ideal for an exotic romantic honeymoon, providing you like people, and don’t mind the sights and sounds and smells of life in Majorda Goa.

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Article Source: An Exotic Romantic Honeymoon Spot In Goa

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