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Exotic lingerie isn't what it might appear to be. Exotic can mean something from another, far-off land. It can also mean "intriguingly unusual." What makes this important is that even the simplest nightgown can become exotic with a little bit of lace or ribbon. Of course, coupled with exotic lingerie, is erotic lingerie, since the two are often placed together anyway. Lingerie that is given an exotic rating usually covers very little of the female body.

Exotic style lingerie feeds into the male desire to see women in next to nothing. But stringy panties, short lacy nightgowns, and things that make the female form more voluptuous have become familiar. So familiar that what used to be considered exotic is now banal and outdated. Instead, what has become exotic is just what used to be boring. Corsets, garters and garter belts, and bustiers, once a part of standard female attire (albeit covered), have changed status. They're not as simple now. Different fabrics and different styles have given old-style "underclothes" an erotic reputation. Not just erotic. Risqué. Seems men of today still like 'old-fashioned' women.

Much of the exotic types of lingerie we see today have their roots in the burlesque tradition. Corsets, bustiers, and sheer underwear were standard dancer's attire. Many wore slippers and gloves. They carried fold-out fans, which they used to tantalize the audience. Burlesque was all about celebrating the outrageous and thumbing its nose at convention. Lingerie in the exotic style and outlandish costumes were the focal point of the performance. Burlesque allowed single men to watch their fantasies acted out. This in a time when gentlemen were expected to act as such. Of course, when sexual norms became less restrictive, the burlesque tradition lost much of its audience. Why pay for it when you can get if for free?

Type of fabric has a lot of influence on what lingerie reaches exotic status. Although satin, lace, and silk were considered exotic at one point, they have since reached and passed the novelty stage. Today's exotic lingerie might include those made from velvet or leather. Pieces made of these materials are harder to come by. And more expensive than their counterparts.

So far, women have been the main characters in the exotic-style lingerie story. But men also belong in this tale. Men's lingerie has come into its own over the past few decades. It's not just about boxers or briefs anymore. G-strings and thongs have attacked the men's lingerie market. Backless and/or crotchless versions of these styles are still growing in popularity. And new styles, including the very exotic-looking "ring-slings," are popping up every day. Ring-slings can hardly be called clothing at all. Most of the time, they cover the essentials. Thin strings then pull up and go around the man's neck to look like suspenders. Suffice it to say that there is no shortage of lingerie for men, some more risqué than women's versions.

Not surprisingly, exotic lingerie seems destined for association with eroticism. Like other erotic tools, this style is best shared in the privacy of the bedroom. Whether it is a sheer teddy or a half-cup bra, a naughty maid's suit or a veiled chemise from India, exotic is intriguing. And erotic.

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