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Mothers day falls on the 22nd of March this year and as such there is little time left to choose the perfect gift for your mum! While you might be tempted to quickly head to the local supermarket and pick up a cheap bunch of flowers, you still have time to find the ideal flowers and have them delivered to your mum’s home.

Rather than sticking to conventional flowers such as roses or tulips, why not send something a bit more exotic and individual this year? By choosing flowers that are less widely known and yet always appreciated, you can send a distinctive and attractive display of flowers that your mum will love.

A vibrant bouquet of lilies, iris, gerberas and proteas make for a striking display that brings a colourful and lively look to any room. By combining bright yellows, pinks, purples and reds you receive a truly stunning bouquet that looks fantastic.

For a more refined, yet exotic look why not try a mix of Pacific flowers. Shipped from overseas chilled to remain fresh, there is a whole range of flowers that are unusual and not native to England. Leucadendrons, chocolate anthuriums, lilies and willow combine to make a striking, unique and stylish arrangement of flowers that your mums of all ages will be happy to receive.

You can even add an exotic twist to conventional flowers such as roses, by choosing varieties that are unusual and unique, in colours that are not your standard red or pink! By choosing varieties of roses that will really catch your mother’s eye, in vibrant colours or with two opposing tones within the same flower, such as cream and striking deep red, you will make a real impact this mother’s day.

For a true gift from paradise to send your mum this mother’s day, there is no flower more exotic than the Birds of Paradise. Their unusual tropical look really brings about feelings of hot weather in a wild oasis and wonderful tropical holidays. Their vibrancy and colours will cheer mums and bring a smile to their faces!

With its bright yellow to orange flowers, and remarkable shape, Birds of Paradise are one of the most beautifully exotic flowers available. Their leaves are large and somewhat similar to a banana leaf, forming a fan of green foliage.

When presented as a hand tied bouquet, perfect for a tall vase, Birds of Paradise make a wonderful mother’s day gift, however they are also available in a stylish ceramic container, which not only looks fantastic but also ensures that your mother doesn’t have to worry about finding a suitable container to match these truly exotic flowers.

No matter what type of exotic flowers you send to your mum, she is sure to love the vibrancy they offer. Their out of the ordinary striking looks will make for a memorable and truly unique gift.

And with such a great variety of flowers to pick from, originating from locations all over the world - choosing exotic Mothers Day Flowers is not only practical, it also allows you to add a new and exciting twist to the time honoured mother’s day gift of flowers.

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