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postheadericon Large Stainless Steel Tube Plant to Actively Enter the Nuclear Power Plant Market

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It is understood that the construction of the domestic need 100,000 -30 million megawatt nuclear power plant to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to achieve pollution targets. This means more than 100 new nuclear power stations, nuclear power must once again become a strong alternative to fossil fuel energy. According to the World Nuclear Association, China has five power stations under construction, six included in the plan, 19 are in the pipeline. By 2020, China's national self-reliant development of nuclear power Leaders Group would like the equipment operational capacity of 40GW and is building the capacity of the equipment at 18GW. That is to say the next 15 years at 30 new nuclear power plant, which will enable the growth of Chinese nuclear power at the world's first residents.

R & D on behalf of boiler tubes enterprises: in April of this year, China Machinery Industry Federation in Huzhou in Zhejiang Province held a "super (super)-critical power plant boiler with stainless steel tube and pipe industry appraisal." At the meeting, Taigang developed ultra (ultra) supercritical power plant boiler with stainless steel tube through the identification successfully. The product development to fill the domestic production of ultra (ultra) supercritical power plant boiler seamless steel pipe billet gaps, to reach the international advanced level of similar products can substitute for imports, with good social and economic benefits. Walsin Lihwa domestic, Huzhou long-li and other enterprises have also developed the ultra (ultra) supercritical power plant boiler seamless steel pipes for the application of nuclear power industry and lay a solid foundation.

Application of duplex stainless steel parts: Most of the early water supply pipes had been used in nuclear power plants have lined or have corrosion resistance of carbon steel, but a large number of power stations have been replaced with stainless steel carbon steel pipe of these. However, the repair issues, including the S30400 and S31600 stainless steel corrosion (such as bacteria in the water because of the existence and high chloride content caused by corrosion) has forced these companies to reconsider their selection of questions.

For example, New Jersey's Salem nuclear power plant, beginning in 1988 the use of 6% molybdenum stainless steel large-scale replacement of S30400, S31600 and polythene lined steel water pipelines. Metal replacement program 2290m254 SMO (S31254), AL6XN and 25-6MO (both are N08925) pipe, a diameter of 19 ~ 508mm.

2006 at ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Section 7 appendix has released the first building with Class Ⅲ S32205 (N-741) examples of steel and regulations. The corrosion resistance and regulations for licensing S31600 and 6% Mo Steel Materials between the gate opens. Recently, North Carolina, Duke Energy of Charlotte company has been recognized by ASME, consent to the use of duplex stainless steel S32205 produced safe water piping system.

The use of alloy steel parts: a steam generator weighs 500t probably more than its weight around 10 percent are from 4000 ~ 15000 alloy tubes. The length of the scope tube is 12.4 ~ 21.3m, OD 19.1 ~ 22.2mm, wall thickness 1.02 ~ 1.27mm.

In the past 15 years, the United States B & W has used N06690 alloy pipe replaced 42 steam generator heat transfer tube. Ontario, Canada will also power the company's Bruce nuclear power plant BruceA replace the use of N08800 alloy pipe evaporator 24 120t in the heat transfer tube.

On behalf of Enterprise: ZTE Energy Equipment Company Limited (formerly Nantong Special Steel Co., Ltd.), Nantong Special Steel in 2008 and vigorously develop sales policies alloy steel, materials for: Cr5Mo, 15CrMovg, 12Cr1Movg, 10CrMo910, T91, etc..

Can be seen, regardless of the reconstruction of the existing nuclear power plants or construction of new nuclear power plants, nickel, stainless steel and nickel-base alloy at the nuclear power industry will continue to play an irreplaceable role. And large domestic enterprises to actively respond to sense.

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