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The science and nuclear industry offers many interesting and rewarding opportunities to not only better your life situation but the lives of others. These jobs also offer a rewarding career experience with potential for growth. Jobs specifically in the nuclear industry offer great reward for the good they ultimately bring to the planet. You will be working with some of the greatest scientific minds of our times on some of the most valuable science ever known to man.

The first place to look at for jobs in the nuclear industry is the navy. They offer great plans for education and then jobs after graduation. The position of nuclear science technician is a great responsibility and you will be learning to operate nuclear powered cruisers, submarines, and aircraft carriers. The pay scale for jobs in nuclear industry in the navy usually begins with what rank you have archived while doing the education but it can be expected to bring in approximately $1850.00 per month. This can be expected to grow as rank grows as well as job performance.

If the idea of being out to sea is not your cup of tea, there are also jobs in the field in the civilian arena. The science industry and nuclear science in particular has many jobs openings and many more coming open every day. Jobs at the nuclear power plants are one major job area that comes to mind. Jobs in the nuclear power Industry in 2008 were down, and a shortage was being reported meaning that this is a growing job field. If you are a hard worker and show competency in your job you can expect to make $50,000 or more as an entry level employee.

Another fascinating job in the science industry and nuclear industry in particular is the occupational health field. You will be working alongside others to keep not only the workers safe but those who live near the power plants. This specific job requires a four year degree if you want to specialize in a certain area but on the job training can also be an option for other areas. In this job you can expect start out making approximately $25.00 an hour at the entry level.

Another rewarding job in the nuclear industry is nuclear medicine. This field deals with the field of medicine and medical imaging. You will be working to make images using radioactive isotopes to diagnose diseases. With a year experience you can expect to make $52,000 a year, and with over four years you will be making $57,975 a year. The educational requirements for this job are completion of the nuclear medicine technology program and a bachelor's degree in science. Working as a nuclear medicine technician is a very promising job that brings many benefits to you and those you work for.

The science industry is a rewarding occupation to consider with jobs in many amazing fields with nuclear industry being just one field of many to explore. Working in this scientific field is one that you will surely find very gratifying and profitable.

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