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Working outdoors in hot weather can be extremely uncomfortable. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor summer job where it is safe enough to wear shorts, then there are a few characteristics of these shorts you want to make sure you find. Work shorts must be strong and well made. In addition they should provide comfort and ease of movement. Finally you want your work shorts to be functional and actually assist you in completing your job. Carhartt Clothing makes a line of shorts that satisfies all these requirements.


One of the key factors to durability in any garment is the material. A work short made of silk would not make it through one day on a construction job. A work short made of linen might fare a little better. But, a work short made of canvas would probably endure the longest. Carhartt Clothing makes a line of work shorts that are made of 100% cotton canvas. These shorts have a material that will last even on the dirtiest and most rugged of jobs.


A well-made garment is not sewn. It is crafted. Each piece of the garment is cut out with care and attached to its sister piece with a straight and well-made seam. For work shorts, a singly sewn seam is not considered well made. This type of seam is too easy to pull apart. Carhartt Clothing crafts carpenter shorts that actually have a triple seam. This means the seam is sewn over three time to ensure it cannot be pulled apart easily.


Comfort in the workplace means your shorts have an extra roominess to provide easy movement and flexibility. Tight work shorts would lead to tearing of the seams due to the stress and tension placed on the seams with excessive motion. Carhartt Clothing builds their work shorts with extra room in the thighs and the seat. This allows for ease of bending down at the knees without undo stress placed on the seams.


A functional work short is a happy work short, or at least the wearer of the short is happy. By making a work short with plenty of room for tools and other workplace items the shorts have now taken on a dual function; that of covering the lower torso and acting as a utility belt. In hot weather, having to wear a leather utility belt can be quite uncomfortable. By constructing a pair of shorts that can also function as a utility belt the worker can stay lighter and cooler. Carhartt Clothing has made carpenter shorts that have double hammer loops and numerous utility pockets. Carhartt Clothing also makes worker shorts that have a hammer loop a pocket for a ruler, another pocket for a cell phone as well as the standard pockets on the back and sides.

While there are many excellent shorts on the market, there are various styles and colors to choose from. Be sure to select the shorts that will work best for you on the job. You might want a longer inseam or more pockets to help you get through the day. Or, a lighter weight material might work best given the heat of the day. Carhartt Clothing has several different types of shorts to choose from. All are very durable and extremely well made. offers a great selection of Carhartt Clothing in addition to a wide variety of Carhartt Outerwear and many other Carhartt Clothing items.

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