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postheadericon Knowing How To Cool Down In Hot Weather Can Save Your Life

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If it is a hot day outside and you have no air conditioner, you can cool down by getting in the pool or in the bathtub. Hot days make you sweat and make you miserable. All you want to do is stick your body in the freezer to get cold. Lots of people put ice cubes on their bodies to cool themselves off, but it gets your skin really cold and that can put you into shock. You never want to go into water that is really cold either because your body will go into shock, and it can get you really sick even in the hottest weather.

If you have a pool or a sprinkler at your house, get in it and soak for a few minutes or hours to bring the temperature down in your body. If you don't get cooled down, you body can get heat shock and that can will make you dizzy and cause you to faint. Swim in it, get your head wet, sit in it, and relax. But make sure you test the water before you get in it or slowly get into it. If you want to stay cool, then get into it with all of your clothes still on, but watch out for the chafing because your cloths will stick to your body. Wear shorts and not pants or leather to prevent chafing.

Make sure the water is not too cool when your kids get into it because it will make them shake and can put them into shock. If the water is cool, then put some warm water in it to get it to the right temperature for them. It also can make them very sick and can cause them to catch pneumonia or some other sickness that is very bad. So watch out for that because their bodies can't handle water that is too cold for their systems.

If you don't have a pool, then get into the bathtub, turn on the shower or put water in the tub. Let the cool or warm-cold water run on you to get cooler. It will make you and your kids feel much better and it will stop you from sweating for a while there anyway. Let the kids play in it for a while so they can get cooled off, but put swimsuits on them. Put some toys in there with them so they have something to play with while they are cooling down.

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Article Source: Knowing How To Cool Down In Hot Weather Can Save Your Life

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