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postheadericon How to Choose Clothing for Hot Weather Hiking

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Hiking in wot weather can be uncomfortable as your body struggles with dehydration, heat exhaustion and even heatstroke. When it's too hot, don't take your clothes off unless you're in the shade.

Wear clothing with breathable fabrics to keep yourself cool while protecting your skin from the sun. Heat rashes can intensify if sweat is not taken care of quick enough.

Too much exposure to the sun can cause painful sunburns and dehydration. In fact, sunburns will cause you to dehydrate a lot faster. Drink water every few minutes or so. It's better that drink little sips of water frequently than to drink the whole bottle in one go.

Hydration packs are useful because it's so convenient to use. You can easily drink on the go without fumbling for the bottle cap.

Sun & Heat Protection

Your clothing should keep you cool when hiking in high heat and humidity. You need to cover as much of your body as possible with a thin layer of clothing.

Clothing made of synthetic fabrics wick away moisture and has a cooling effect on your body. If you are wearing long sleeves, make sure they're loose enough to be rolled up. Shirts with ventilation flaps allows for heat to escape and the air inside your clothing to circulate.

A hat with a wide brim will protect your face and head from the sun. A baseball cap also does this well. You can also use a bandana under the baseball cap to protect the neck. A cool way to use it is by rinsing it in cool water and then wearing it on top of your head.

A desert hat will protect your face and neck the same time. It's like a baseball cap and bandana in one. A lightweight rain hat protects you from the sun and rain. Highly recommended for tropical regions.

Most waterproof boots are not suitable in hot weather because they're too hot. A waterproof boot lining is not necessary in dry climates.

Rain Protection in Hot Weather

Parkas can keep you dry in the rain but they're too hot. You might not even need the complete raingear to get you through a summer hike. A hooded water-resistant windbreaker or a lightweight raincoat would do just great.

A windbreaker is a type of water-resistant shirt, hooded or non-hooded, that is designed to protect you from wind. It's particularly useful in hot deserts where dry seasonal winds are common.

A good lightweight rain jacket is one that is loose-fitting, well-ventilated and made of breathable fabric that allows sweat to escape. They're usually inexpensive and made of polypropylene. An ultralight version packs away into a really small package.

More Tips on Keeping Cool

Try to carry as little weight on your backpack as possible. The exertion from carrying extra weight will add to the heat and discomfort. Use a small electronic fan to cool yourself. They're very light and can fit easily in your pocket.

Use sunblock to protect your skin from getting sunburnt. If it's really hot, use the highest spf rating you can find.

Jonsky writes for where you'll find hydration packs for constant water supply in hot weather and pullover windbreakers for protection against rain and wind in hot deserts.

Article Source: How to Choose Clothing for Hot Weather Hiking

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