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postheadericon How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Hot Weather

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Even your pets are sensitive to heat. They too feel the heat when it is hot outside. It is the duty and basic responsibility of the owner to ensure that the dog is safe and it feels comfortable in this harsh extreme condition. The pets are very esteemed and loved members of the family, and they need to be taken good care of. Here are some of the tips to know how to take good care of the dog in the hot atmosphere.

Dogs get sunburned which is very uncomfortable on their part. If sunburn happens, it can lead to damaged skin or skin cancer. You can prevent this or use a sun block which is SPF 15 at least. Make sure that the sun block screen is applied on the sensitive skin areas like ears, nose. Dogs with short hair are very sensitive to heat. They need special care and regular applying of the sunscreen. Make sure that you apply the sunscreen lotion every fifteen minutes, if the dog is exposed to hot weather for a long time. You can speak to your veterinary doctor about what kind of sunscreen is best suited for the skin of your dog. This customized treatment helps you take good care of your dog.

While you take your dog with you in the car, and you have to park it for a longer time we suggest you follow these steps to ensure that your dog is saved from the extreme heat conditions.

Let the air conditioner of the car running.

Make sure that you park your car, in such a way that you can monitor it.

Activate the emergency brake.

Always carry an extra key with you, even if the doors are locked.

If ever you find a dog trapped inside the car, contact the local police immediately. You can also contact any NGO, or the local chapters of Blue cross. This will ensure that the dog will receive professional and people help to get out of the car.

The hottest times of the day are 10am to 4pm. Ensure that your dog does not play outside in the open sun during these times. You can take them for walk early in the mornings or late in the evenings. In this extreme hot weather, your dog can suffer with a heat stroke or over exertion. Ensure that the dog is exercising in limits, do not let it exercise over the limit. If your dog does not get scared when you spray on it, carry a bottle and keep spraying the water on the coat every fifteen to twenty minutes.

Avoid taking the dog on concrete surfaces, as they are heated up during the hot days.

In case your dog is overweight, old and long haired it might feel the heat little early, so make sure that you follow the steps mentioned earlier to protect it from the heat.

Dogs with problems of heart, lungs, etc…need to be kept inside the air-conditioning.

Last but not the least; remember to keep your dog happy and healthy always.

Written by Jeff Nenadic from My Dog Shop - Recommends trying dog car seat covers to make your dog's road trips more comfortable.

Article Source: How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Hot Weather

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