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postheadericon Green Product Marketing: 3 Tips to Promote a Green Product Online for Sustainable Growth

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Green products are popping up everywhere you look these days and due to the ever increasing popularity of the Eco friendly movement, many new home based business's are being built too.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics conservatively guesses there are more than 18.3 million home based business's in the U.S. and of them, less than 10% are currently selling a green product on the Internet. That's up a couple of percent from just last year.

With numbers like those it's easy to see why so many new home business's are moving to sell green products online.

If you're one of those moving your Internet business in this direction, here's 3 tips you can use to maximize your online exposure and get your green product in front of thousands of hungry buyers.

1- Write Articles and Reviews

By far, the easiest way to promote any green product is through article marketing.

Article submission sites are numbered in the thousands online and 90% of them are free to join. If your article is accepted it could be read by thousands in a single day, getting you free massive traffic to the green product you are promoting.

And, anyone can do it.

Article writing on the Internet is nothing like writing a novel. Your readers on the web want to read your words as if you were standing in front of them and having a conversation.

To give you a good tip on article writing: Just do it.

Sure, your first article might suck, and your 5th article might be bad, but I'll bet your 10th article will be pretty good.

If writing isn't your thing, pay a ghost writer to write your article marketing campaigns. You can find these companies online and they usually charge about 8.00 for an original 350 word article that will be specifically written for your green product.

2- Use Social Websites

Social websites are a great place to showcase your green product, but you want to be careful about spamming your new friends.

Unlike some suggestions you may have heard about joining the most popular sites, try joining social sites where there is hungry crowd interested in your green product line instead.

Put yourself in an environment where their is a need or want for your product.

In other-words, if your green product is "Dog Food", join a pet friendly social site.

Engage your new friends in conversation and let them discover what you do on their own. They'll eventually ask.

Join the forums and partake in the conversations.

Eventually you will become an authority on your topic and others will value your opinion and advice. Also, you'll make many new friends and develop a long term customer base for other green products you may have.

3- Develop a Product Funnel

When marketing a green product line, choose the least expensive product to showcase first. You'll engage more visitors to your site if your featured product is under $10.00.

Picture a funnel in your mind, the top of the funnel is the $10.00 green product you are promoting. This will get a lot of traffic, but minimal profit.


Wouldn't it be wise to think that if your customer came to you for a $10.00 product, they might be interested in a $20.00 product?

That's the middle of the funnel. A little less traffic, but a better profit margin.

And if they were interested in the 20.00 product, don't you think they might consider the $50.00 product?

That's the bottom of the funnel. The least amount of traffic but with the greatest profit margin.

Use these 3 tips to get your green product in front of the masses and you'll soon see great results for minimal effort.

Tom Palmieri is an ezine author and contributing writer at the Green Business Opportunity. If you would like to discover more tips on green product marketing, please visit

Article Source: Green Product Marketing: 3 Tips to Promote a Green Product Online for Sustainable Growth

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