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postheadericon Why Water Will Give You A Natural Summer Glow

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Summer has come and it is time now to stop under your baggy jumpers and take out your vest tops and flip-flops as winter has now taken a back seat. For me the sun brings nothing but smiles and friendly locals; there certainly is differences in the way people feel when summer hits our land. However, no matter how much you want to enjoy the sun and put on your factor 15 sun cream working on your tan, there is one thing people overlook - dehydration.

Many offices do not have air conditioning and are often filled with computer. This is then added by the sunshine heat and turns the office into a roasting oven, leaving many people feeling uncomfortable and taking regular trips outside to gain some fresh air. One main thing that modern offices have taken action upon is installing water coolers for staff. These are a good reminder to continue stocking up on your water intake.

Even schools have taking the steps into installing water coolers to increase the number of children drinking water, making them become aware of living a healthier lifestyle and reducing the amount sugary drinks they consume. Recent campaigns have seen a change in the school canteens with healthier food options and more resources made available to young people and adults on the risks of consuming too much of the wrong kinds of food.

During the summer in particular, people are unaware that they are losing a lot of water from sweating more as their body temperature is raised. In these cases, people need to drink water and rehydrate themselves, lack of fluids cause people to feel fatigued and lethargic. More importantly, if you are an active person who regular visits the gym then you are in need of increasing the amount of water you normally consume.

Many gyms have water coolers or water fountains at hand for people to consume in between exercises, if they do not have a bottle of their own. Anyone going for a workout should in particular use these to keep themselves hydrated, as it does affect how well you workout. When we are dehydrated, our mental performance decreases by approximately ten percent and almost doubles the amount on our physical performance.

Therefore, drinking regular amounts of water will keep you active and mentally alert. Many people mistake this for hunger and the resulting affect is overeating and weight gain. Hunger and thirst feel the same as each other, with thirst being a prominent dry feel in the mouth and throat. This is often overlooked causing people to forget or ignore the need to drink water. One thing to remember is that you do not need to drink water in large bulks, but to sip a minimum of two litres of water throughout the day.

Furthermore, this will benefit the way you look in terms of keeping your skin looking younger and toxin free. The more water you drink the more your body will flush out any toxins, which will give a natural glow for the summer. Drinking water regularly will also help to keep you weight maintained so you will naturally feel light and avoid any minor ailments and stomach issues.

If you are at work or spend most of your day on your feet, it is a good idea to just keep a small bottle with you in your bag or take a trip to the nearest water cooler or fountain unit. You can see this as a way to recharge your battery or filling yourself with much needed fuel. It is very easy to neglect your water intake or even skip a meal, which is why it is important to stay on top of this at all times as much as possible.

Anna Stenning makes sure that she drinks water regularly by filling up her two litre bottle from the water coolers at her office.

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