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It's been a long winter, and it's probably been a longer time since you thought about putting on your shorts or short-sleeved shirts and getting out into the sunshine. But right around mid-May, you start to think about heading back to the gym -- just in time for Spring.

The long, cold nights of winter that zapped your motivation to get healthier and into better shape are over. Springtime is here, and this time of year energizes everyone. Couch potatoes, arise! Buckle down and get into your 'I need to get moving' mindset!

In order to lose weight, have more energy and be more active you need to choose a time and jump right in. Start now -- during the Spring months -- and you'll have plenty of time to get into great Summer shape. Truly motivated and inspired individuals (like you!) will head outside or jump on the treadmill now while Spring fever is just starting to rise. Jump ahead of the rest of the crowd and start your workouts before the gym gets busy with the 'Quick! It's-almost-time-to-put-on-a-swimsuit!' crowd.

When you start your transformation in the Spring, you will have fewer distractions at the gym, better access to the machines, and won't have to wait in lines to get your workouts finished. If you have a busy schedule and a very little time to work out, the time benefits of getting started now will not only help you to get your workouts in, but will also establish a habit that will last you through the Spring and Summer seasons.

And you might be surprised to find that the time you spend working out can actually save you time in your day. A good workout can offer a tremendous amount of stress relief, and an opportunity to clear your head and establish your priorities for the day. Many people forget how important it is to take care of your physical health in order to keep your mental self in top working order.

Not a fan of working out at a gym? Spring is the perfect time to get out, get active, and be part of your community. Pick a walking, cycling or running route that gives you a clear view on the re-awakening of your surroundings. Sometime we feel like bears, newly awakened after hibernating all winter. A few good workouts can help you break through that sleepy, lethargic feeling.

So get on out there! Spring is a time of renewal and energy -- contribute your own renewal to this bright, new season!

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