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Summer time are not only for adults to enjoy the hot sunny weather but also for your toddlers. Its time for them to experience the Summer delights and do stuff like running around the park, splashing in the pool and spending holidays in the beach. To get them ready for the hot season, a new pair of shorts and sandals and a few new tee shirts will do.

Here is a list of kids clothes for your little guy this Summer. They are bunch of must have items as a treat for them to enjoy the Summer.

Cargo Shorts - A set of different colors like khaki, blue, black and even camouflage are great for outdoor activities.
Be sure that those shorts are stylish and fun to wear because you want them to move around enjoying the Summer in style. Also remember that you should keep them comfortable in the hot weather, so pick the ones that uses thin and cool fabrics.

Sandals - I suggest that you buy a pair of sandals that comes with velcros around the ankle. These won't easily get off from you toddler's feet and leave them walking or running in his bare feet. You can find nice leather type sandals he can use to go to church and other semi formal occassions. Or you can buy the ones with sporty designs fit for outdoor fun. Also, try to find sandals that match the design and colors
of his tees and shorts.

Denim Shorts - These are great to since they match anything, up or down. You can match it with any tank top and your boy is all set for to run to the mall or even to go out for dinner.

Swimming Trunks - Every summer your toddler's must have a pair of swimming trunks on his wardrobe. Buy a pair every summer since you won't know how much size he would gain after a year. Let your little man pick the design he wants, I bet he will surely use it every time he has the chance. You know how little boys love to wear the things they choose for themselves, they feel very proud of it!

T-Shirts - You can purchase these items easily for your toddlers this Summer since sales and discounts are out during the season. Again, choose shirts that are a little loose, uses cool fabric and match the colors with the ones he has on his wardrobe.

Tank Tops - tank tops should be the most in the wardrobe, especially during the Summer. You can buy matching shorts and tank sets and your summer toddler boys clothing closet is ready to go. Tanks are also cute and cheap, so you can store a lot of them every Summer.

So there you have it, for those moms and dads who have a hard time planning your toddlers attire this summer just remember to keep the clothes comfortable and cool. If you have the budget you can also set up a bored and jump all in if you are feeling hot!

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