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Trying to keep your kids happy and busy isn't always an easy task, especially in this economy. But you don't have to spend a lot, or any money to give your kids a good time getting some fresh air and playing outside. Here are some fun and free things for your kids to do.

Tag is a great game. Just get a few of your kids friends together and let the play hide and seek tag outside for a couple hours. It's very easy, make a small "home base", everybody hides while 1 person counts to 20. Then he goes to find the people who are hiding, and the first person he tags is the next counter.

You should also keep a wide variety of sports balls at your house like a soccer ball, a football, a baseball and maybe some tennis balls. This way your kids can be physically active for a while, and if they get bored of soccer they can move on to the next sport for a while.

If you happen to have a pet dog, having your kids run around outside with him is always a great idea. But you can take it a step farther and try to get your kids to teach your dog new tricks, or even teach him to run an obstacle course like the dogs on television do. Since teaching a dog new tricks usually takes time this can be a great distraction, let's just hope the dog shows enough progress so your kids don't get bored!

If you have a big tree somewhere in your yard, your kids could try to build a tree-house outside, but if they do this you should be sure to supervise them the whole time so nobody gets hurt, either from falling out of the tree or having some type of falling object land on them. This can be dangerous so if you're not going to supervise, don't let them try to build a tree house.

After school gets out, kids have nothing to do all day, for months. If they have nothing to do, they're going to bug you about it so it's a good idea to come up with things for your kids to do during summer months now.

The best way to keep your kid happy during the summer is to have him or her find a new hobby and really get into it. My favorite thing to do during the summer as a kid was to take karate and taekwondo classes. I started one summer and when I wasn't in class I was at home practicing routines and moves so I could get to a black belt quickly. And if your kids were like me, this will turn into a full-time activity, even during school years.

You could come up with a big project for them to work on an hour or two each day, and hopefully they'll have something cool finished by the end of summer. I used to work with my mom in her garden for an hour or so a day, and by the end of the summer I had my own beautiful creation of plants and flowers on my side of the garden.

If you or your kids aren't into gardening, that's okay. You could work on building an awesome tree-house throughout the summer with your kids. Or if you're a handy-man you could build a go-cart by the end of summer even if you only worked on it for a few hours per week.

Sports are a great way for kids to pass time, so if you keep a collection of soccer balls, tennis balls and rackets, baseballs and everything else, your kids will be able to pass a lot of time just playing sports. This has the added advantage of getting your kids to exercise ans stay fit.

Keep your kids happy this year with my Fun For Summer course.

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