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postheadericon Adventure Travel Tour Guiding Among Best Summer Jobs

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Adventure travel companies are similar to land tour companies. Guides give guests the time of their lives while they are in Alaska for vacation. Seasonal work with adventure companies is available for people wanting to see the country from a slightly different angle.

College students and other adventure seekers can come to Alaska and work their way across the country. Adventure travel is popular for those people that are looking for a more active type of vacation. Guests no longer want to sit on the sidelines and just observe the happenings. They want to get involved. This is where adventure touring comes into play.

Adventure tours allow guests to view the unspoiled nature of Alaska. They can take a wildlife excursion to view Alaskan bears, caribou, moose, and Dall sheep. Seeing the land from a zipline is breathtaking and fun for the younger visitors to Alaska.

Some adventure travel is associated with wilderness lodges. Guides lead guests on bicycle tours, hiking trips, and river rafting tours. A guide needs to be able to troubleshoot problems with equipment and medical situations during the adventure. You may be called on to take fishermen out for a day on the lake or guide a hunting party.

Adventure travel companies lead all sorts of tours. Eco-friendly tours are conducted to national parks and preserves in Alaska. These tours allow guests to see the country but are more for learning about nature and its components. Tours are conducted on land and along bodies of water.

Adventure travel jobs are varied. Workers can choose from several guide positions: jeep guides, nature guides, kayak guides, white water rafting guides, bus escort, bus driver, canoe guides, bicycle leader, backpacking guide, fishing guides, rock climbing, walking guides, and wildlife jobs. Depending on where you work in Alaska, you could be a skiing guide.

Travel companies also need to fill office positions within the company. Tours have to be organized and the logistics of travel worked out before guests arrive for their adventure. People in these support positions work hard to see that the jobs of the others are a bit less hectic. These positions include bookkeepers, administrative assistants, and booking agents. Adventure companies associated with lodges need administrative help at the sites. These positions give seasonal workers a chance to see Alaska as well.

Room and board are provided by the adventure travel company for their workers. Toru guides travel with the guests from place to place. Guides associated with adventure lodges are housed in staff quarters and provided with gourmet meals like those enjoyed by the guests. Workers can also use the facilities available to guests and enjoy adventures as a perk of their employment.

When applying for job openings with an adventure travel company, play to your strengths if you can. Any experience that you have in a particular area, say fishing, white water rafting, and mountain biking, will help to acquire a guide job with an adventure company. This is not a requirement but it helps.

Let's look at a job as a canopy guide for example. The position requires that guides lead guests through the zip course. They are responsible for the safety and training of the guests while they are in their care. Guides also keep up with inspections of the equipment used and the course followed.

It sounds like a lot, but most employers are willing to train guides for the job. Generally, they are looking for people who are outgoing, possessing customer service skills, and are willing to work hard. Many tour guide training programs are punctuated by skills assessments and tests before the worker is allowed to guide a group. Interviews allow employers to size up workers to see if they possess the skills to make it in a position with the company.

Sometimes certifications are needed for various positions. You can learn this ahead of time by studying job descriptions. If you have narrowed down the position you want, take steps to fulfill the certification requirements after you apply for the job. This shows how serious you are about working and will impress the employer during an interview.

Job seekers looking for unforgettable and rewarding summer jobs should explore working in Alaska. Many adventure travel companies, cruise lines, and other businesses in the tourism field need to fill tour guide jobs in national parks and seaside towns. Learn about the best seasonal employment on

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