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postheadericon Tips To Choosing Chic Work Clothes For Summer

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As the weather is at long last getting hotter knowing what to wear to work can pose quite a problem, unless of course you have to wear a uniform!

Try not to make the mistake of looking too casual and heading off to the beach rather than office! You also want to avoid exposing too much flesh, as this will not be appropriate either. There are some wonderful lightweight summer suits available, both on the high street and online to choose from.

Linen may keep you nice and cool, however if you are not careful you may end up looking like a crumpled and creased mess rather then chic and stylish!

Lightweight trousers in pale pastel colours can help to keep you cool and looking stylish. With the vast array of tops available simply choose a top which suits the shape of your body. Those with hour glass figure can wear just about any style of top, as such these women may be tempted to wear something which defies the etiquette of what's acceptable for work and what should be restricted to the beach!

If showing off a curvier body means the top clings to your bust and waistline you may find you become far too hot, instead where a blouse or a boyfriend shirt style in natural materials such as cotton or silk to keep you cool and looking chic throughout the day.

Patterned tops are ideal for the summer, especially if you opt for summer colours such as peach, pale blues, burnt orange or classical white. Alternatively you could select a more vibrant colour which will enhance your skin tone, eye and hair colour.

Empire styles of tops are the perfect solution if you want to disguise a large tummy by bringing the emphasis to your bust. Again, opt for natural soft floaty fabrics which cascade from just beneath your bust and fall away from the tummy area.

You could also use the trick of illusion by choosing patterns which make you appear slimmer. Geometrics patterns are ideal for this. Use the to your advantage to make the most of your figure whilst retaining femininity as well as a chic style which is ideal for work.

Glam up your outfits by adding necklaces and bangles, beware on the footwear you choose, whilst flip-flops are perfect for the beach and relaxation time they are not usually appropriate or acceptable for work. There are so many lovely sandals or peep toe shoes to choose from these are far more in keeping within the boundaries of acceptability for most work places.

Women who wear plus size clothing can really benefit from choosing a top, shirt or blouse which flatters their figure whist at work.

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