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postheadericon Bridgend Motor Homes for Sale : Signing Up for A Great Summer

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It was an interesting experience to drive a motorhome for the first time. I remember that we had just gone to Bridgend to look at some motorhomes which we could lease for the summer. There are a lot of motorhomes for sale and Bridgend and for good reason. I think that area along with Cardiff is probably the most motorhome friendly place in all of the United Kingdom. There are so many motorhome parks which makes vacationing convenient there. More than that though, there are so many places to visit in Wales with green forests, the seashore and ancient villages to boot. But let's get back to the story.

The reason we wanted to lease a motor home for the summer was that my parents were flying in from Asia, where they had chosen to retire after living and working in Europe. Dad wasn't in the best of health and at times he needed to be assisted. I needed a motorhome which would have the best of both worlds in the sense that my family would be relatively comfortable with the living arrangements and yet we would be able to visit places that would be pleasing to my parents. Driving up to Bridgend, I met up with an old friend of mine, one of the owners of the biggest motor home sales companies in town. We had emailed each other and I had told him of my specifications for the summer. He emailed me saying that he had a motorhome in mind for me and that since we were friends, he would give me a great deal on it for the summer.

The motor home I saw turned out to be like a touring bus for a famous singer who used it for his European Leg as he had an aversion to flying. It was custom designed for his needs by the motorhome company who had used it as a marketing tool and consequently sold it to my friend for a ridiculously low price. This motorhome had 8 beds, two electric flush toilets, two shower cubicles, GPS, a huge refrigerator and freezer, and four stoves, two of which were electric and perhaps the biggest clean and waste water tanks I have ever seen. It seemed to me that this was the presidential suite of motorhomes. He had also refitted one of the entrances of this motor home with a wheel chair wench for my father to be lifted. I was impressed. Furthermore, this motorhome had video backing facilities which made driving it a lot easier. I quickly signed the lease. The trip to Bridgend was a success and as we left the lot of these Bridgend motor homes for Sale Company, I knew that this was going to be a great summer.

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