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Old Jack Frost knows when he has outstayed his welcome and gracefully withdraws, leaving tiny blades of grass, shoots, and buds in his wake. And that signals the beginning of warm, sunny days and a new life. Dark, gloomy interiors barricaded against the cold in thick drapes and blankets, now beg for fresh air and bright colors. There is no need to spend a fortune to turn winter drab to summer chic. Here's how to do it in a few easy steps.

Flowers For You

The thick drapes go first and need to be replaced with pretty lace, gauzy chiffon, or anything sheer. Use bead chains instead of tie backs to give a jaunty look to the room. Coax the sunshine in with a big bunch of yellow blooms in an elegant vase, placed in a strategic spot that can be seen from at least three different locations. There are many ways to keep your blooms fresh longer as your florist would be happy to inform. Add a spoon full of sugar to help the flowers go on, and no, I didn't hear that from Mary Poppins.

Bursting With Color

It is really not necessary to repaint the walls or change sofas, unless they are due for a change anyway. Strew fluffy, light cushions and throw rugs around your living area to create a riot of yellow-white-orange, or green-blue-red color scheme that brings the interiors alive. Attractive wall hangings add to the ambiance but take care to stop short of the psychedelic.

Your Tropical Home

A majestic palm, a rustic coffee table, an ethnic lamp, a colorful rug with fat floor cushions, some wicker, and a basket of ferns is all you need to create your very own home tropical retreat. An indoor water feature that ripples quietly in a corner would make a great conversation piece and may even bring you good luck if placed as feng shui directs.

Don't Forget the Outdoors

Summer decorating does not have to remain indoors. Clean up patios and drag all garden furniture back into the garden. Touch up and repair or repaint as required, this might make a great project for older kids. Hang baskets of flowering plants and fern around the patio, and place a few indoor plants around. Spruce up the garden and if space permitting, hang up a hammock for some serious R & R, and soon the only frost that remains would be around a tall glass of icy drink.

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