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postheadericon Teton Valley: Kid-Friendly Idaho Vacations For A Memorable Summer

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Idaho vacations are the ideal mix of stunning scenery, fun family activities, and comfortable summer weather. The freedom and uplifting feeling of the area stand as a powerful introduction to a wide assortment of outdoor activities, arts and cultural events, and quality, mindless fun. The Teton area of Idaho makes for unforgettable family vacation.

Teton Valley Lodging

Cabin rentals in Idaho are a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of Idaho vacations without being forced to spend phenomenal amounts of money for gas to pull a camping trailer or having to sleep in a tent on the hard ground. Close to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the Teton Valley area has a mix of cabins from quaint rustic mountain cabins to luxury western-style cottages that have Jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces, and personal wet bars.

Teton Valley lodging includes establishments with a more traditional hotel style. There are several comfortable and opulent lodges, inns, and hotels to choose from. Ornately decorated rooms come with an abundance of space and heavenly views. Many of the Teton Valley lodgings include extra amenities such as spas, coffee bars, fine dining, golfing, and much more.

Summertime Fun

Idaho vacations have a vast number of outdoor activities and summer events that allow visitors to create completely personalized vacations. Being in the heart of Idaho's national parks and a spectacular mountain range, outdoor sports are a favorite of visitors to the Teton area. Take the kids for a relaxing afternoon of fishing or boating followed by a glider ride. Hiking or horseback riding can be included on the itinerary for the next day. If a closer look at the area's wildlife sounds more fun, an 'Elk Adventure' or wildlife trek is a great way to spend the day.

Music and the arts can also be included in Idaho vacations. Music festivals in the area, including "Music on Main," "Fiddler's Contest," "Grand Targhee Music Festival," and "Grand Teton Music Festival," cover all genres and include several children's activities as well. The many concerts and events in and around the Teton Valley area include some of the best musicians and bands in the world. Art centers and galleries feature a variety of art collections, ballets, dance recitals, and film festivals.

After a family vacation, Idaho vacations give visitors the chance to include a romantic getaway by enrolling the kids in one of the local summer camps. The Summer Explorers Program focuses on the natural environment of the area through crafts, science, sports, and activities. It is open to children ages three to fifteen and is available in one, three, or five day packages.

Idaho vacations give visitors an infinite combination of lavish Teton Valley lodgings and entertaining activities to plan the ideal family vacation that suits everyone's tastes. There is lots of space and fun for the little kids as well as a chance for the 'big kids' to enjoy themselves as well. Idaho is a wonderful choice to get away, spend quality time, and make unforgettable, life-long memories.

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Article Source: Teton Valley: Kid-Friendly Idaho Vacations For A Memorable Summer

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