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postheadericon The Best Summer Jobs For College-Aged Students

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Summer break is a great time for college students to brush up on their skills and make some tuition or extra spending money in the process. Whether you plan to return home for the summer or stay at your new location, a great summer job is within your grasp.

Here are some great summer job ideas for student who need practice in the real world and decent cash to survive the expense of college:

Business-Related Internships
One of the best ways to secure a job after graduation is to experiment with an internship in your related field. Internships can be paid positions and will give you excellent insight into the reality of your chose field. If you are able to prove yourself during the summer internship, you increase the likelihood you’ll have an in with a good company and a good network of people after graduation.

Food Service
Working as a waiter/waitress can bring is some great tip money as well as the opportunity to network with a ton of different kind of people. Choose a restaurant in a good location, like the beach, where tourists are likely to bring in consistent crowds and good tips. Fast food is not as lucrative but it may be steady work throughout the summer months. Another good option in food service is to contract with a catering company that pays well. You’ll likely get to work a flexible schedule and get to mingle at exclusive parties.

During the summer months, you likely can snag a retail job where you can take advantage of discounts on merchandise. A clothing store, electronics store, or other relevant locations that sell things you can use for college and in your daily life. It also gives you experience in sales that you can use on a resume after college. It also helps you brush up on your people skills.

Adventure Work
If you are more into the adventure side of things, there are resorts and cruises across the country that actively seek out college students to work during their busy season. Resort work offers many opportunities, including food service, lifeguarding, sales and marketing, hosting, tour guides, adventure guides, cruise ships, and entertainment. Many students earn the opportunity to keep the same job each summer where they can learn, earn, and have fun during their break from school.

Camp Counselors
Like resorts, summer camps actively hire college kids to work at the various camps for kids. If you plan to work with children as a career, counselor jobs are good resume material. You likely get fa good pay rate, free room and board and get to spend your summer months outdoors, mentoring the young campers.

Amusement Parks
College kids can have a blast each summer by finding a job at an amusement park. From smaller, local places to the large-scale, nationally known companies, amusement parks draw crowds all summer and are perfect for a college student. There are a lot of job types available within a park that a student can learn from and add to their resume.

Entrepreneur Ideas
There are many successful entrepreneurs who are rich and famous due to their novel ideas during college. These entrepreneurs made a decision to start their own business during college and many have never looked back. Capitalize on your own skills and experience and turn it into a profitable business venture. College is the best time to experiment. Start a landscaping company, design websites, invent a cool new product, hire yourself out as a mover. There are endless ideas that can bring you a steady paycheck and plenty of opportunity to take it to the next level.

As a college student, you may be reliant on your parents to keep you in school and in food but earning money for yourself does not have to be boring or non-lucrative. Consider what it is you want to do in your career and brainstorm ideas that will benefit your resume later in life.

Tisha Kulak Tolar is a writer for where she regularly writes about debt consolidation, getting out of debt, debt settlement and saving money.

Article Source: The Best Summer Jobs For College-Aged Students

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